Can Dogs Drink Milk: Is It Safe for Them?

As a dog owner, you surely want your dogs to be fit and healthy. You want to give him the best food and drinks. Since milk is a very healthy drink, you may wonder, “Can dogs drink milk?”

Yes, dogs can drink milk in a small amount. You can occasionally give them a few tablespoons of milk. It can be either a cow or goat, or plant-based, which is a nice reward and treat for dogs. However, you must not offer more than a few spoons as it can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and other health complications.

Can Dogs Drink Milk

This article will help you understand the benefits and risks of feeding milk to dogs, along with proper instructions on how much milk you should give them.

Is Milk Safe for Dogs?

As long as you are thinking about mother dog’s milk for puppies, there is no risk. However, if you want to give dogs the milk of cows or goats, you should learn properly first. Milk contains some necessary minerals. That includes calcium, potassium, iodine, and phosphorus. It also offers a good amount of vitamin D.

Despite the nutrients, milk is mildly unsafe for dogs. Most dogs are allergic to milk. Feeding an extra amount of milk can cause:


      Hair loss


      Irritated skin


Dogs are generally lactose intolerant. It makes milk not a safe option for your dogs. Some of them may consume a small amount of milk. Let not this encourage you to give them a bowl full of milk.

How to Know If Your Dog Is Lactose Intolerant?

Not all dogs are lactose intolerant. Some of them can consume a moderate amount of milk and dairy products. Some of them cannot digest milk at all. But how can you tell if your dog is okay with milk?

 There are a few symptoms of it. You can give them a very small amount of milk and observe their reaction. They reveal the following symptoms if they are lactose intolerant:

●   Diarrhea within 12 hours, then it is lactose intolerant. You should not give him any more milk.

●   They show any sign of nausea, such as drooling or licking the surfaces

●   Sometimes, there may not be an immediate reaction. However, your dog can soon start losing weight.

●   Face swelling is another common symptom of lactose-intolerant dogs.

Different Kinds of Milk for Dogs

The milk of cows and goats is not a safe option for your dogs because of the presence of sugar. But there are other kinds of milk, too, plant milk, for example. The reaction to plant-based milk can vary depending on the plant that has been used.

1. Oat Milk

Oat milk can be a safe and good alternative to dairy products for your dogs. However, you should not give them a high amount of it. You must remember that moderation is the key here. Oats are not toxic and do not contain much sugar. It can be a good substitute for milk for dogs.

2. Almond Milk

Almond milk is not toxic to dogs. Still, they find it difficult to digest them. Besides, nuts are high in fat, which contributes to weight gain. If you find no other alternative, then you can offer them in a small amount. You must observe the reaction of your dogs before serving them again.

3. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a healthy choice for dogs. It reduces skin irritation and gives them a softer and shinier coat of fur. Again, the milk should be given in a small amount as it contains oil. If you are purchasing from the marker, carefully check the ingredients.

4. Soy Milk

Soy milk is the safest plant-based milk you will find in the market. Dogs find no problem in digesting soy products. That is why most brands also use soy ingredients. Soy milk is also a good source of protein. You must follow the instructions for feeding mentioned on the label.


Can dogs eat dairy products?

Whether dogs can eat dairy products depends on the amount of lactose present in the product. Not all products contain the same amount of lactose. The lower the lactose a product has, the safer it is.

Can dogs drink milk every day?

Despite being full of nutrients, cow milk is not a safe addition to your dog’s diet. You should not give them milk every day. However, you can provide them with a small amount occasionally. You must observe their reaction to milk.

Can dogs drink lactose-free milk?

Milk is not a good choice for your dogs, even if it is lactose-free. Lactose-free milk will not cause irritation and allergic reactions, but it is still high in fat. Therefore, you should only give milk to your dogs occasionally as treats.

Can dogs drink milk mixed with water?

You should not mix milk with water. Milk containing lactose or sugar is often harmful to dogs. You must let them drink water properly. And if needed, give them milk separately in a small amount.


Hopefully, you got the answer to your question, “Can dogs drink milk?” The answer is yes but there are conditions. Since most dogs are lactose intolerant, you should not give them milk. Even if they are not intolerant, there are other side effects of milk for them. You can only give them in a small amount occasionally for the minerals and vitamins.

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