Can Dogs Help With Depression: 6 Proven Ways

When you are in depression, the presence of a playful dog can help in many ways. Dogs are not only playful, they can also understand your feelings. These adorable creatures can lighten up your mood, even if you are not a dog person.

How can dogs help with depression? They can help you in different ways, such as:

●   Giving emotional support

●   Getting you into exercise and movement

●   Helping you maintain a routine

●   Reducing loneliness

●   Growing your social life and

●   Adding a purpose to your life

Let’s explore how these canines can assist you in depression so that you can understand their value in your life. Let’s hop on.

Can Dogs Help With Depression

6 Ways Dogs Can Reduce Your Anxiety and Depression

Petting a dog is a wonderful experience. It makes you feel happy and can reduce your anxiety. Here are six proven ways they alleviate your depression:

1. Giving Emotional Support

Everyone knows how loyal and clingy dogs are to their owners. They can understand you better than most of your friends. They can sense it when you are sad. They will sit by you and try to cheer you up when you are depressed.

Besides, when you play with dogs, it increases the secretion of oxytocin and serotonin. These are some of the natural hormones that make you happy. Even if you are not in a playing mood, just sitting by your dog can help. Patting their soft body can make you feel better.

Most dog owners share a deep bond with their dogs. Their presence, therefore, is always helpful when you are in depression.

2. Getting You Into Exercise And Movement

Depression sometimes makes people immobile. You do not want to go out. Sitting or lying down feels more important than anything else. These do not help. Doing nothing makes your condition worse.

Having a dog can help you with this. They will ask you to take them on a walk. You may refuse to take them once or twice, but how long? It is impossible to say no to these beautiful, cute, and innocent little babies. You have to give in and take them out. This will make you move and feel slightly better eventually.

3. Helping You Maintain A Routine

Depression hampers your routined life. You do not like to do the regular things you used to do. This lack of a structured day and routine increases mental issues. Your furry friend will at least make you do something in a routine way.

You will have to take them out for a walk. Or, you will have to play and cook for them. Doing these regular activities may not seem of much importance, but they are crucial when you are in an adverse mental state. These regular activities will take your mind off the reason that has caused the depression in the first place. 

Sometimes, you feel depressed because of the demise of someone important to you. Or, it can be losing a relationship. The less you think about them, the better it is for your mental condition. Paying attention to your dogs helps with this purpose.

4. Reducing Loneliness

One of the major reasons for depression is loneliness. Even if your depression is caused by some other reason, it gets worse when you live alone. There is no one to share your emotions and thoughts. No one to look after you either. The scenario is different when you have dogs.

These furry friends can be great companions. They will sit next to you and reassure you that there is someone you can talk to. Actually, talking to dogs can significantly improve your condition. You can trust them. You know they are never going to turn on you. This lets you share all the things you cannot share with others. And it eventually makes you feel better and relieved.

5. Growing Your Social Life

Interacting with people becomes difficult when you are not in a joyous mood. You do not like to make friends with others. You maintain an awkward silence that builds a barrier between you and other people. Having a dog can help.

Dogs are friendly animals and often get funny with your neighbors and strangers. Dogs can play the icebreaker role for you. This is especially helpful for people with mental disorders. New social interactions reduce your tension and give you new hope in life.

This can happen when you take your dog out for a walk. People get attracted to cute dogs and puppies. They get engaged in a conversation. Since it starts with the subject of your dogs, you do not feel uncomfortable exchanging some thoughts. After all, you have more understanding and knowledge of your dog than others.

6. Adding A Purpose To Your Life

One of the major reasons for depression is finding no purpose in life. Sometimes, you may feel like there is no real purpose for your existence. You are just living a life that is boring and mundane, and it has no quirk or excitement. This can lead to depression.

Dogs add a purpose to your life. You know that someone or something loves you. Someone is looking forward to your return home. Their jumping on you upon returning makes you feel much better and more important.

Many people have expressed how having a dog added a purpose to their lives. You will have the same. A dog will give you a purpose to get up from your bed and cook. It will give you a purpose to go outdoors and play with it.

You will not like doing these things for yourself during depression. These activities will seem meaningless. But when you are doing things for someone else, it feels important.


Can dogs help with depression? The answer is an obvious yes. They make you feel better with their companionship, emotional support, loyalty, and unconditional love for you. They make you feel better and add a purpose to your life. They can be your remedy to get out of depression.
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