Depression in Dogs: Why Is My Dog Sad All of A Sudden

Dogs are playful animals. Their joyful nature makes everyone around them happy. Playing with them for some time can alleviate your depression. But is your dog acting so unusual that it makes you wonder, “Why is my dog sad all of a sudden?”

Depression in dogs is not a rare phenomenon. They are highly emotional creatures and get depressed for different reasons. It can be due to the loss of a favorite one, illness, a new addition to the family, moving to a new place, or clinical depression.

Why Is My Dog Sad All of A Sudden

You should educate yourself about dog depression so that you can help them. This article will explore the common issues that cause dog depression and guide you on how to help them.

Major Reasons Why Your Dog Is Acting Sad

Dogs are intelligent animals. They can understand a lot of things happening around them. Being highly emotional, some of these incidents depress them. Here are some of the common reasons for their sadness:

1. Loss of Someone

One of the major reasons for them being sad is losing someone they love. It can be the owner, a member of the family, its parents or offspring, or other pets in the family. Such losses upset them, and they may often just sit around without eating much.

2. Illness

Another common cause can be their physical illness. You can understand that they cannot carry on their usual activities when they are ill or injured. They will just lay on the floor. Sometimes, they may stare off into space or just sleep.

It is sad that these adorable canines cannot express their illness. You should be mindful of them. If you notice that your dog is not in its usual playful mood, you should check for other illness symptoms.

3. Moving to a New Home

It is not that dogs hate changes. Sometimes, they can get excited about being in a new place. And sometimes they may miss their familiar old place. It often makes them anxious and unsettled.

Dogs have a good memory. They may often miss their familiar playground or the old house where they lived. You should spend more time with them after changing your place. New places often confuse them since they cannot roam around with confidence.

4. Addition to the Family

Dogs are also dramatic creatures. They will sometimes look sad because of the addition of a new member. It can be a newborn baby or a new pet. They can even sometimes look mean to the new member. However, you know what happens in the end. The dog quickly becomes the best friend of the new member.

Dogs are loyal as well as devoted to their owners. They seek full attention. And they do not want to share their attention with others. Therefore, the addition of a new member often saddens them.

5. Not Having Companions

Dogs are, by nature, playful. They love to hop around. They are like little human babies. Even when they grow up, they are no less than babies. If they find no one to play with or do not get enough attention from you, they become sad. It also affects their overall well-being.

6. Getting Abused

If you do not treat your dogs well, it hurts them. They always expect affection from you. Or, it can be some other dogs that bully them. Constant exposure to bullying can often make them sad and depressed. They might not want to go out in fear of the other dogs in your society.

7. Clinical Depression

Does this sound weird? But it is the truth. Dogs can experience clinical depression just like you and other humans. Dogs can experience this condition from medical conditions, certain traumas, loneliness, or the loss of a companion. If their sadness reaches this stage, you need to be extra caring to them.

What to Do During Depression in Dogs?

This is clearly not an enjoyable sight to see your dog being sad. You love them being happy as it makes you happy, too. If you notice they are sad, you can do the following things to cheer them up:

●   Spend more quality time with your dog. Offer them affection and attention.

●   Ensure regular exercise to keep them physically active and mentally stimulated. It will also assure them that you care for them.

●   Provide a consistent routine and environment to reduce anxiety. If you have moved to a new place, walk around with your dog. Let him get familiar with the changes. They feel more comfortable when you are around.

●   Offering interactive toys can reduce their loneliness. Take them to playdates with other dogs as well. It will help them socialize with other dogs and pets.

●   Consider professional training or therapy if they are in a deeper stage of depression.

●   After the addition of a new member, do not reduce your attention to them. Reassure the dogs that they are still as loved as before.

●   Be patient and understanding. Do not be rude to them, especially when they are sad.

●   If other dogs are bullying them, try to bond with them. You can go with the dog if the other dogs are pet animals. If they are street dogs, keep your dogs away from them.

●   You can introduce another pet to the family. This will reduce their loneliness. It can be another dog, cat, or some other pet.


Seeing depression in dogs is not a pleasant experience. You should not be worried, but be careful and pay more attention to them. Reassure them everything is fine, and spend more time with them. Nothing makes them happier than your attention. Your assistance will alleviate their depression and lighten up their mood.
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