7 Benefits of Having a Dog at Home: You Will Want to Have A Dog

It is possible to make a list of hundreds of benefits of having a dog at home. These furry canines are actually a blessing to humans. If you do not own a dog yet and are thinking of having one, stop thinking. You should adopt one.

Dogs come into your life with a number of benefits. They can accompany you all the time, you will feel less alone, and your stress will reduce. Dogs can be your support during times of crisis, encourage you to move, and will make you happy all the time.

Benefits of Having a Dog at Home

You cannot imagine the happiness of having a dog until you have one. Let’s explore the benefits, and your life will be much better with a pet dog.

7 Benefits of Keeping Pet Dogs

It is actually difficult to point out seven benefits of pet dogs from a range of benefits. However, here are seven major benefits of pet dogs:

1. Dogs Are Loyal Companions

Dogs are deeply devoted to their owners. They will be happy just to be around you. They will accompany you all the time. They long for your affection. They will not let you feel alone.

2. They Make You Move

Another important benefit of having dogs is that they will make you move. They will pull and tug you to move. Dogs can make even the laziest person move and exercise.

Their adorable eyes are irresistible. When they pull you to play with them, you cannot bus play. You will enjoy playing with them as well. A dog is like your health mentor. They will ensure that you are not lying down all day. In other words, having a dog will contribute to your good health.

3. Dogs Can Help You in Crisis Time

Bad times come to almost everyone. You need someone’s support in a bad time. Dogs will be your ideal companion at such times. Their presence will help you even in depression.

Cuddling your dog will reduce your stress and anxiety. You will feel better. You can share your thoughts and ideas with them, knowing that they will never betray you. They are a great asset for your mental condition.

4. They Can Save You from Heart Attack

Does this sound far-fetched? Well, it is not. This is a proven fact established by the American Heart Association. Research conducted by the association shows that people who have furry friends suffer less from cardiovascular disease.

Another study shows that only 6% of dog owners among 182000 people heart attack survivors had dogs. This shows that dog owners suffer less from heart-related problems.

The presence of a canine is especially beneficial when you are alone. Remember that loneliness can make any disease look fatal. Having a furry companion will make things easy for you.

5. Dogs Are Great Guards

You must have seen in movies how dogs can guard your home. But it is not just saving your home from burglars. Dogs can be ideal bodyguards for young children. Your dog will quickly become the best friend of your children.

Dogs will do everything they can to protect your baby. Whether it is to keep them away from dangers or dive in the pool to pull them up, they can do such things. Besides, dogs can be a nice sleeping partner for your kids.

Dogs have a powerful vision and auditory ability. They can recognize unfamiliar people by their body odor. They will bark and warn you against the unwanted people trying to get into your home.

6. Dogs Make You Attractive

This is one of the benefits of having dogs that is often overlooked. Dogs can draw more eyes towards you. Their natural, playful presence and adorable appearance make everyone wish to love them.

You will meet many new people when you take your dog for a walk. People will stop by and ask about your dogs. This is a good icebreaker for introverts, especially. Dogs are an ideal prop to make friends with a dog person.

Many people want to talk to strangers, but they cannot. They often feel shy or ashamed of themselves to take the initiative. When you have a dog, you already have a mutual discussion topic, and that is to talk about your dog.

7. Dogs Can Make You Happy

The mere presence of dogs can fill you with a joyous sensation. The playfulness of these little furry canines is infectious. You will be infected by their joyful presence and will share the same positivity.

Some studies show that most dog owners usually lead a stress-free life. You will feel less depressed and have a better mental condition. The presence of a dog in your life can leave a positive impact.


Do dogs naturally protect owners?

When a dog grows up knowing you, it becomes protective of you and your family. It does not like when someone poses threats to your family members. They, indeed, are one of the animals who love their owners unconditionally.

How do I know if my dog loves me?

It will be visibly noticeable when your dog loves you. They will get excited to see you after the end of the day. They will also seek your contact, want to sleep near you, and try to lick you as often as they can.

Are female dogs more protective?

This can vary depending on the nature and personality of your dogs. In general, female dogs show less affection. Male dogs are more protective and can get aggressive if they think you are in danger.

The benefits of having a dog at home are too many to list in a few words. They offer both physical and mental companionship. They can be your friend who will support you in both good and bad times. A dog is, indeed, one of the best friends you can have. 

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