How to Make a Dog House: Step-by-Step Guide

A dog house is not just a place where your dog can rest but can also enhance the beauty of your backyard or the front view. You need to give a good thought before making a dog house. Otherwise, your dog will not enjoy staying inside the house.

How to make a dog house perfectly? You must choose a perfect spot for your dog to rest. Then, make a measurement for the house according to the size of your dog. Start with the base of the house, then set the walls and roof. You can add a window on one side or a door at the entrance.

Make a Dog House

Let’s guide you on how you can choose the perfect spot for your dog and how you can prepare a beautiful house perfectly.

Tools You Will Need to Make A Dog House

You should gather all the necessary tools before you start working. It will save you from the hassle of looking for tools while working. Here are the things you will need to build a dog house:

●   A measuring tape

●   Circular saw or jigsaw

●   Hammer or nail gun

●   Screwdriver or power drill

●   Level

●   Pencil or marker for measurement purposes

●   Safety gear, including safe glasses, hand gloves, and ear protection

●   Clamps

●   Paint roller and paint

●   Ruler or straight-edge

How to Build the Perfect Dog House?

Building a dog house is not rocket science. However, you still need some guidance to do it properly. Here are some effective tips to prepare a good dog house:

1. Choose the Right Spot

Most dog owners are often reluctant about this. But this one is a vital decision. You need to consider several things before choosing the right place. Here are some things you should consider:

●   Make sure the place is not exposed to too much sunlight. Dogs need sunlight, but not all day long. Choose a place where there will be direct sunlight for not more than an hour.

●   Think about the wind as well. Since the place will be shady, strong wind is not preferable. A spot where the dog will get a gentle breeze is the perfect spot.

●   Focus on a spot that has good drainage opportunities. Choose a place where water will not stand, even after heavy rains.

●   Don’t forget about the aesthetic look. The doghouse can be around flower trees or by the flower beds.

2. Take A Measurement

The dog house should be spacious enough for the dog. If it is a big dog, then the house should be big as well. Don’t forget about the height of the house. It should be high enough so that your dog does not get bumped into the house.

3. Prepare the Base First

You must have seen many dog houses without bases. But it is not a good idea not to have a base in your dog's house. You must add a base as it will save your dog from damp soil.

Besides, rainwater will seep into the house if there is no base. Besides, different kinds of insects can invade the house if there is no base. Adding a base will protect your dog from such problems.

4. Putting Up the Walls

Now, this is an important step. Since you already have the measurements, it will be easier for you. Here is how you can do it:

●   Use real wood as the wall of the house. It will make the house strong even if the wall is thin. Wooden walls will also protect your dog from excessive heat and wind.

●   The side walls will have a rectangular shape. However, the front and back walls will be pentagonal. This will help to place the roof properly.

●   Cut out a door in the front wall. You should take a measurement of your dog while making the door. Also, consider the growth of your dog. Will it get bigger and taller? You should make the entrance door a bit larger so that the dog faces no problems when it grows taller.

●   Consider adding a window in one of the side walls. Though it is not mandatory, it is helpful for places where the weather is often very hot.

5. Making the Roof

You can design the roof according to your preference. You must have seen that most dog houses have triangular roofs. You can opt for that. Or, you can choose a flat roof as well. However, triangular roofs are more suitable for ventilation and rainwater drainage.

6. Paint the House

Painting the house will add an aesthetic look. Your canine friend will also be excited to get a colorful house. You can choose any color you like. You can either choose a color that is identical to your house or completely contrasting with your house paint.

7. Use A Nameplate

Although your dog is not probably not going to read its name, you should still add it. This will enhance the overall look of the dog house as well. Besides, this can be helpful in special situations. You will be able to give someone instructions about your dogs if you have multiple dogs.

Do You Need to Build Multiple Dog Houses?

You do not need to build multiple houses for one dog. But if you have more than one dog, then you need to build a house for each dog. Dogs may not mind sharing the inside of the house. But they might often want to sit in the door, which will be a problem if more than one dog resides in the same house.

Experts suggest giving each dog a separate house. After a few hours of training, they learn which house is theirs. They do not like to share it with others. This can lead to fights between your dogs. Therefore, you need to build separate houses for every dog.


Dogs like to have their own place to sleep and rest. It serves as a safe place for them to store their food and possessions. Follow the tips about how to make a dog house, and you will be able to prepare a beautiful house for your dog. 

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